Thursday, September 29, 2011


How can you say something has no meaning when the mere task of discovering that notion is meaningful?

The sweetest part of any reward is the anticipation of getting it.

If I tell you nothing is wrong, when obviously there is, you are what's wrong - so go away!

Sometimes you gotta go backwards to go forwards.

You cannot hate something until you have loved it.

If things don't go wrong, how will you know when they go right?

Give the best you can give, and give it now. Don't wait until your dead - unless of course that is the best you can give. :)

If everything is credible, it makes nothing credible at all.

I've got the answer!!! Now where'd I put the damn question?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Dream Weaver

My dreams are thick. They lay heavy on me after I’m awake, even if I don’t remember them. Some are very ordinary, some are convoluted, and some are quite ethereal. And some of these dreams can be interpreted as nightmares – if seen under the right microscope.

Maybe some dreams shouldn’t be written down – because they were meant to go away – be forgotten. So many times I awake with some strange happening fresh in my mind and it’s so vivid and so real that I just know it’s something I won’t forget. But usually, within minutes, if not seconds, I lose them to the vast chasm that is in my head. Occasionally I’ll keep one; it’ll stay fresh throughout the day, maybe a week, every so often for years. And maybe those are the only ones we should remember – the ones our mind keeps instinctively…naturally.

My dreams often wake me up at night – something I trained myself to do many years ago – and just as often I get up and write them down. And to be honest, quite often if I don’t go back and read what I wrote, thus remembering how I felt the moment I wrote it (for the written word in my world evokes feeling more than anything), I wouldn’t remember them at all.

So one must wonder why our minds keep some but lose others. Could the ones we lose be little thoughts, scenarios so to speak, that our mind merely plays with to entertain itself in the realms of a time and place that is in the world of impossible? Maybe those are ones we shouldn’t remember, for they are the ideas and notions we will never see (feel, taste, touch, whatever the sense) - and it is one thing to think of something you’ve never felt and know you never will, quite another to know those feelings and miss them.

So which ones should you analyze (assuming any should be analyzed at all) – the ones that remain on the surface or the ones that never leave the depths, unless by accident. Is it the surface ones that tell us secrets or signs about our life? Or is it the ones deep from our subconscious, so deep it is not somewhere any of us ever consciously touch, that we should peer into and find answers?

How hard would it be on your mind and soul to touch that which was never meant to be touched?
I wonder if that is why some people go crazy…for some things just aren’t meant to be known.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Me Tales

I wonder who I would be if I could see me through your eyes. Who is the me you see? Do you see me as sweet with a touch of mean, or quite the opposite? Do you see me smart or dumb, shallow or deep; or maybe seductive or loyal or noncommital? Do you totally adore me or simply tolerate me? Am I the love of your life or your worst enemy?

There are so many me’s out there. I am different to each of you. Some of the time that happens naturally, sometimes intentionally. And the collision of all these me’s – that is the me that I see.

What if it isn’t you that tells your tale? What if that story – the story that is you – is something that is created and coerced by the hands of another? Could the power of persuasion really affect your story so much that it reads in a manner you never intended? How often do we share experiences with others, and their perception of the event is slightly (and sometimes dramatically) skewed from your own perception? So one might wonder at this point where truth lies in the copious details of our life. Who you are to me is probably quite different than who you are to anyone else.

Suppose for a second I could spin you a tale – a tale about you – that fits in quite nicely with how you perceive yourself. And suppose too that I used nothing more than logical fallacy to create this tale. Would you then become a slightly different person from who you were just moments before, for taking in this new information and molding it into the crevices of your mind creates a new version of you?

You don't have to buy into it, just think about it. Your story, the one you've created about yourself, isn't quite complete. Until it encapsulates the you that exist from every angle, it will never be more than a half-told tale. And those other angles, for all intents and purposes, exist in the minds of others.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Con-versations with Pooh

Me: What if the ghosts we see are actually other people having out-of-body experiences? 

Pooh: Hmmm…what if people with blue eyes see the same thing but differently than people with brown eyes…due to the different spectrum of color we look thru?

Me: And what if we think about thinking things, and if we can think it, there must be something to it right?

Pooh: Well if we are just thinking about thinking things, are we thinking about things or just thinking?

Me: I suppose we’d be thinking about things and those things would be thinks.

Pooh: Or thoughts that are being know what I’m thinking? I’m thinking we can think up a thought about almost anything!

Me: I’m thinking your right. If we can manage to think about thinking thinks, we have no boundary on our thoughts.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Vu ja De'

Deja vu...those fun little moments in time that occur periodically throughout your life...

You might be doing something totally out of the ordinary, or it may be something you've done a thousand times over, when occasionally the elements line up perfectly and suddenly you realize you've been here before; you've done this before. These moments last but mere seconds, sometimes just a fraction of a second. The effects of this phenomena lingers a bit longer, as you marvel at the feeling - the feeling of totally and completely knowing that moment as it occurs. It's almost like watching a movie you'd forgotten you'd seen, when 3/4th's the way through, you realize you have and the image of the ending flashes before you. Almost I said...

I had one of these moments the other day come to think of it. I was standing in the same spot I always stand in when discussing issues with my boss. As a matter of fact, the issue itself wasn't even out of the ordinary; quite the opposite, it's a constant problem. So of course to say I've "been there before" is logical.  But then on the contrary, there are no two moments in time that completely and totally mirror each other. And I know there's some science out there that will back me up on that - I just couldn't tell you what it is exactly...

So in that moment I felt it, and I stopped for a second, trying to catch the sensation, to see what I was missing - why just then? Why not 2 seconds before? Or 2 seconds after? Or right now for that matter? And then, just as quickly as it came, it left. I tried to recapture it; replay it in my head; catch what processes were more or less active in my head...because I'm thinking that if I can capture that moment, why can't I capture them all? And better still - I can learn to capture them before they occur, and wouldn't that just be fun! Hey...we all have our pipe dreams, right?

At any rate, I mentioned it to my boss, the deja vu, and he says he heard there is no such thing - those moments are instead us touching the plane of a parallel universe (which really is a fun avenue of thought to explore, if you think about it). I concurred that was possible....or, I said, it was me knowing the future, but I wasn't aware that I knew it until it actually occurred. He stopped and said, "Wait a minute. That sounds interesting...say it again. I didn't quite catch it." (I'll admit I might have hammed up my use of useless words when I said it, haha). So I did, and he was going to think on it, just as I was going to think on his.

Because really, who knows what it is - why it's there - how to control it - if it has a purpose, like showing us there is more out there than what we see. The only thing I am sure of is there is a reason. It may not matter at the end of the day, but there is a reason.

I just try to glean anything I can (which isn't much) each time it happens (which is surprisingly often) then wander around in the unknown, as I add one more scrap of evidence to my pile. I may find an answer, I may not - either way, I'll enjoy the ride while I'm trying...

Monday, September 5, 2011

Souls and Spirits

I believe in soul mates. I also believe in kindred spirits. Hell, to be honest, I believe in everything. Or maybe it could better be said that I don’t discount anything. We, as humans, have created a system, tied together with these things we call words, that tell us what is real and what is not, and from early on most of us accept what we are told, where it fits into the scheme of who are, individually and collectively, and we don’t argue the minute details that might have been left out in order to make any idea solid. I decided very early in life to not accept what we have been taught as infallible, for I found too many “facts” along the way that debunked the Truth we have been spoon fed. It always seemed to me that Truth is something we each hold dear, but if you take my Truth and your Truth and His truth and Her truth out, lay them side by side, and compare them, they will not be consistent across the board. So for me, to say truth exists, I will concur, but I will caveat that with the idea that it is different for everyone.
But to get back to the topic at hand, I do firmly believe in soul mates and kindred spirits. And I further believe they are two different people (or many different people as the case may be). I have not had the occasion to determine if we each only have one soul mate, or if there are more than one that can fit that bill, but I will not argue the point that it is possible (for I also believe anything is possible). As for kindred spirits, I have known more than one in my life, so I will say that person in your life can be many people.
A soul mate, to me, is someone that is capable of knowing who you are no matter who you claim to be or who you project yourself to be with others. This is the one that can pull your insides out, lay them on a table and show you your true self. For many of us, the true self is a painful thing to see, for there are many things we are that we don’t necessarily “want” to accept, and quite often these are the things we do not like in others.  A soul mate can build you up to the pinnacle of what you could be, and further tear you down to the point of nothingness. This person is probably a hard person to spend your life with, for there are no walls they cannot penetrate, and we all need our walls. But it is good to know this person at least, for there are times in our lives when we need to be reminded of who we are truly. This is a person that can bring us back to our Truth, and smack us out of whatever reality we have created in our life.
A kindred spirit, on the other hand, is someone who shares our path in life. Of these there can be many, for there are only so many roads available for us to walk – and I say this with the eye of limitless possibilities. We will meet many people along our path, and a majority of these will at some point fork off our road to take another. But a kindred spirit will walk with you and share with you the way you envision the world. They may not be by your side always, but will always walk parallel with you. They will know you only as well as they know themselves, so they will not show you that which you deny, for they would have to recognize that denial in themselves also. They are the ones we are most comfortable with, for you recognize in them something of your own self. These are the ones that will smile when you smile and cry when you cry. Sadly, we probably have many we are totally unaware of, due to the constraints of space and time (two things I believe that were created by man to feel in control of life), but if we are lucky, we will know at least one of these people in our life.
So for these two people to be one in the same, I will argue that it is not possible. One person cannot hold the flames of a candle upright that burns at two ends. Only one side can stand up at a time. As close to similar as they may be, they are also quite the opposite. And if you are one of the few that has been blessed enough to have both in your life, you are quite lucky indeed.