Thursday, June 13, 2013

I stopped once to think about what I was doing. I sat down and took a minute, looked around at my path to see what was on it. I looked backwards and forwards, taking in the disruptions that had been created and the ones yet to come. Whereas the past had a singular trail, for it had already been forged and could not be altered, the future held an array to possibilities. I could see at each turn - no, each step - I had made, that the path offered the same multitudes of futures, but once each step was taken, all but one became cement and a new array of futures was created. 

Some futures stayed the same, as those are not easily altered and require many changes in course to disrupt. Some futures changed slightly, for tiny choices gave these slightly different shades of color. And some futures disappeared, for the step chosen made them obsolete. 

I learned to find peace in the idea that there is no definitive tomorrow. That anything is possible and nothing is guaranteed. I like the idea that the answers to life's puzzle are all alterable somehow. That I can afford to misplace ideas and lose thoughts and find notions and remember meanings. This lets me find significance in all my interpretations and perceptions of the people and the events around me. This lets me be at peace with my future, and the path I am on that will take me there - wherever there is…

As that concept overtook me, I stood to walk again. One should not to waste too much time on thinking about their path or they might forget to forge ahead. And ahead is all any of us wants to be. :)

Friday, May 24, 2013

My mind is a wasteland, overrun by the wild growth of seeds that produce all the flora that cannot be tamed. The earth beneath it breathes heavy, making the ground slowly rise and fall, causing minute disruptions in the beds lain upon it. As these cracks and fissures are formed throughout the open air expanse, the steams from the nourishment below spew forth from these openings, making the linear view seem to be nothing more than a field of geysers ready to explode. But that is an illusion, as most things in this environment are, tricking those who take chance to come visit into believing they know what they see. But what they see is never what is there. What they see is an existence beyond comprehension, and their feeble mind makes it comprehensible in order to sustain its own sanity. But what they see isn't real. What you see is never real.