Friday, November 18, 2011

That Thing

Happiness isn’t a place, or a time, or a thing. It’s a feeling. And the only thing in control of a feeling is the person who bears it. Do not blame your surroundings or your situation for how you feel. Blame yourself. Granted, there are people or situations etc. that can try to affect how you feel – but it is ultimately you who decides in the end. Don’t displace it – find it and solve it.
Sometimes you have to roll your eyes back inside your head and focus on that thing inside – that place where pain is never the outcome, only pleasure. If you’re always looking out from within, you might miss it. Look inward and you will begin to let go of everything out there (something that is necessary if you ever really want to find that thing). After you focus your vision, all the other senses will fall into place. And once you find it, I promise you’ll know it, for everything else will melt away.

And that, my friends, feels nice.