Monday, November 28, 2011

idk ~vs~ ikr

Someone once told me there were always signs – signs that would have guided me had I paid attention. I gave them the “yeah, yeah” nod and smile I often offer when I’m not totally convinced that what I’m being told is actual and factual (isn’t that a song? J). But then, as is always the case when presented information I hadn’t previously known or considered, I mull it over, toss it around in my mind, seek validity if I feel its warranted and eventually reach a conclusion.

And to further augment the validity (or lack thereof) of this idea, I stretched it out to cover different aspects of my life, for research can’t be singular or biased if you want to reach a solid answer. If signs worked here, they should also work there and everywhere.

So it was that I set about paying attention to all the little things I had previously ignored, or so it seemed, during my days. Now mind you, I didn’t overindulge in this latest mind bending caper of mine (I have too many other things brewing to pay too much attention to any one thing to be honest), but I did take note when something happened that might give me a push in a particular direction or offer an answer to a question I might have bouncing around in my head.

I took four separate scenarios, as to not overwhelm myself with “everything” and looked for whatever might guide me to take (or not take) the particular path these scenarios lived on. I wasn’t looking for conclusions or definitive answers (those will happen with or without signs); no, I was just looking for signs…

I didn’t write any of it down so I can’t give you any hard numbers, but I discovered that yes, there are signs. If you look hard enough, you see them everywhere (and if you look really, really hard you’ll eventually get sucked into a labyrinth of signs and become a crazed conspiracy theorist or the like). But then I had to further consider that these signs only began to appear because I was looking for them, which seemed conceivable, since the mind is truly capable of anything.

So I stopped looking, but rather just kept an eye open for any small oddities that might occur. And I’ll be damned if they weren’t still there. Not as bright or as often as when I was specifically looking, but there nonetheless.  So okay, yes, life has signs. Whether we listen to them or not is what determines the paths we choose to take along the way.

Now…I can further indulge my whimsical thoughts here and tell you that in all probability it doesn’t really matter whether we listen or not – we end up where we end up. No matter the choices we make, our life will be guided on the course we set for it, and though the scenery and the characters might have altered depending on the path we chose, we will ultimately be where we were meant to be…

…for where we are meant to be is totally dependent on who we are…


  1. lucy.inserra@gmail.comDecember 1, 2011 at 11:12 AM

    Signs are always present in our lives. They are especially present when we need to make a decision about something or ask for assistance. We have to remember we are not left in this world by ourselves without assistance from the above, or for some below. A sign can be a word(s) from a friend, something said on TV, or seen in nature to help you guide you through life. Eventually, we are placed where we are suppose to be in this universe.

  2. Yes Lucy, sometimes it is merely just a word :)

  3. I would much rather ignore my signs and blow them off.for as we all know....they come true.since am the extremist.ya know.bec

  4. But words are only interupted by the receiver.not the speaker.

  5. ...the speaker speaks what they want you to hear...the receiver hears what they want to hear....signs are there whether seen or heard....perhaps we could have avoided the quick sand and walked through the garden - had we seen or heard the signs along the way....but really it doesnt matter how ya get there as long as you get there...and there is where you will be! Suppose the signs noticed help insure we get there in one piece....btw.... where the hell are we going :) idk .....ikr mwahhh! Keep it coming :)

  6. Con, would my dreams be consider signs? seeing as how they tend to keep kidos safe? Just glad you never made it to that texaco sign.

  7. Still nothing stranger than the fox nite.not the fox...but nic s freakin car.just think about my face smashed in the window.that wil make us all laugh for at least a good hour.if not all damm day. ;)