Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Story

The night wrapped her in a cloak of safety. She knew once the sun rose again it would shed light on what she had done and she needed to be as far away as possible. She scanned her surroundings intently as the headlights of her car washed over the sides of the road. She was looking for anything that might give her away; anyone that might be able to pinpoint her to this location.

Her cobalt blue eyes, deep as oceans and streaked with red, darted between fear and resolve. The beads of sweat that lined her brow might have given her away had the night not been so hot. Her thin dress clung to her slight frame, offering no relief to her body from the wind coming through the open windows. The air was otherwise still; so still that it made the dust that kicked up from the tires hang in the air before slowly drifting back to the ground.

When did this road get so narrow, she thought. I don’t remember it being so narrow. She had driven this route a few times in the past, though she couldn’t pinpoint exactly how long it had been. It had been years since she had any reason to take it, for she’d had no reason to hide. But now there was reason and she hoped her memory wouldn’t fail her.

As she traveled on, the road before her became less and less apparent, with ruts barely visible as wild bushes overtook what little indication was left. The branches of the trees on either side snarled together creating a canopy right above the roof of her car. She almost decided she had taken a wrong turn when it suddenly opened up into a clearing. Nestled in the corner on the far western edge was the cabin she had been looking for – the one she would hide in until things died down. She pulled around back and parked the car in the trees. After retrieving the key, she went in the back door.

As she walked in, her senses were flooded with memories. Aside from a thick layer of dust, nothing had changed since she was last here. Even a slight smell of cedar mixed with gardenias still permeated the air. As she walked through the house she held the images from the past at bay. Now was not the time to think back. There would be time for that later.

The air inside was more stifling than out, so she opened all the windows and turned on the fans. She decided a hot breeze was better than no breeze at all. She ran a cool bath to scrub off any evidence that may still be on her body. She found some clothes left behind long ago and was grateful in this moment that she hadn’t grown much over the years.

She then went and sat on the couch, and knowing that sleep would elude her, she waited. When the sky brought forth the first hint of the morning sun, she picked up the phone and made a call.

“Jack…it’s done,” was all she said before placing the phone back on its cradle.

**to be continued**

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  1. So trilled that someone has enspired u to write again, for it is truely your destiny.took you long enough.it needs to be shared most definately with the public.its never too late to finish what you started.rather if you choose to make money off of it or not.but everyone knows you could.then again, it maybe you enjoy it just the way it is.