Friday, March 9, 2012

The Element of Feelings

Ok, I found it again…or better put, I felt it again. Maybe it’s because I had the perfect combination of elements that caused this feeling to stand out again, course through my mind and my soul, and leave me exuberant in every molecule of my body. Maybe everything was just so…

I’m not sure how any one of these elements has anything to do with the other, for they are all seemingly unrelated events, and moreover, they are each, in their own right, quite common occurrences. The weather, the location, the company, the music, along with a litany of other things, are all quite usual in my life.

I know it is stimuli, be it internal or external, that controls how we feel, or guides our feelings (something that should not be mistaken for actions by the way), so my logic tells me that every singular event, when coupled with each other, causes different variations, ripples if you will, in the feelings you have. But I wonder what it is with this particular combination that brought back *this* feeling.

But I think, for once in my constant-need-to-break-things-down kind of mind, I’m going to let my right brain take control and make my left brain take a rest. I’m going to stop analyzing “what” for a minute, quit wondering why this feeling decided to visit me today, and just enjoy it. J

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  1. I agree with you - when things seem to fall in place all around you and you are at peace inside and outside the best thing to do is to let it envelope you and savor the time it last.