Friday, March 16, 2012

Plans :)

Most things in life don’t turn out as planned. So I decided to take a stand against this idea a long time ago and quit planning. Almost entirely. Granted, there are things you can’t avoid having plans for, like weddings or birthday parties and the like, but for all the other stuff, I threw the caution to the wind and decided to just take whatever comes my way, when it comes my way.

It’s simple enough to do, if you can, to just let go of the constraints of time management that goes along with planning. And it truly allows you to relax a bit in your own life. I don’t get stressed when things don’t turn out how I wanted them to, because I don’t let myself want for something. So no matter what happens, I take it and run with it. Or, in some cases, run from it. But no matter, for either way I had no expectations in whatever is unfolding before me.

This also makes those bubbles of anger and anxiety wash away before they even reach the shores of your mind. It’s absurd to get upset over something that you had no idea was coming, or to get upset for something that never came. That is, if you never planned for it either way.

I enjoy happiness. I find it difficult to be sad, I abhor whininess, and anger is something that I’d rather not indulge in (although it is one emotion that I am quite good at expressing with a modicum of intelligence). I just want me and the world around me to be happy. I like to smile and I like to laugh and I don’t want anything to bring me down from those feelings. Lack of planning allows me to do this – at least most of the time.

So let go a little folks. Release the pressure you place upon yourself and realize that life is just a crazy insane kind of thing and to really enjoy it, you must learn to love the madness of it all. You must embrace your lack of control. You must learn, like a wise woman told me once, to simply float on your cloud instead of reaching over the sides with your arms flailing as you try to pedal it in a certain direction.

Come to think of it, I didn’t even plan my wedding. J

Friday, March 9, 2012

The Element of Feelings

Ok, I found it again…or better put, I felt it again. Maybe it’s because I had the perfect combination of elements that caused this feeling to stand out again, course through my mind and my soul, and leave me exuberant in every molecule of my body. Maybe everything was just so…

I’m not sure how any one of these elements has anything to do with the other, for they are all seemingly unrelated events, and moreover, they are each, in their own right, quite common occurrences. The weather, the location, the company, the music, along with a litany of other things, are all quite usual in my life.

I know it is stimuli, be it internal or external, that controls how we feel, or guides our feelings (something that should not be mistaken for actions by the way), so my logic tells me that every singular event, when coupled with each other, causes different variations, ripples if you will, in the feelings you have. But I wonder what it is with this particular combination that brought back *this* feeling.

But I think, for once in my constant-need-to-break-things-down kind of mind, I’m going to let my right brain take control and make my left brain take a rest. I’m going to stop analyzing “what” for a minute, quit wondering why this feeling decided to visit me today, and just enjoy it. J