Saturday, September 10, 2011

Con-versations with Pooh

Me: What if the ghosts we see are actually other people having out-of-body experiences? 

Pooh: Hmmm…what if people with blue eyes see the same thing but differently than people with brown eyes…due to the different spectrum of color we look thru?

Me: And what if we think about thinking things, and if we can think it, there must be something to it right?

Pooh: Well if we are just thinking about thinking things, are we thinking about things or just thinking?

Me: I suppose we’d be thinking about things and those things would be thinks.

Pooh: Or thoughts that are being know what I’m thinking? I’m thinking we can think up a thought about almost anything!

Me: I’m thinking your right. If we can manage to think about thinking thinks, we have no boundary on our thoughts.