Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Vu ja De'

Deja vu...those fun little moments in time that occur periodically throughout your life...

You might be doing something totally out of the ordinary, or it may be something you've done a thousand times over, when occasionally the elements line up perfectly and suddenly you realize you've been here before; you've done this before. These moments last but mere seconds, sometimes just a fraction of a second. The effects of this phenomena lingers a bit longer, as you marvel at the feeling - the feeling of totally and completely knowing that moment as it occurs. It's almost like watching a movie you'd forgotten you'd seen, when 3/4th's the way through, you realize you have and the image of the ending flashes before you. Almost I said...

I had one of these moments the other day come to think of it. I was standing in the same spot I always stand in when discussing issues with my boss. As a matter of fact, the issue itself wasn't even out of the ordinary; quite the opposite, it's a constant problem. So of course to say I've "been there before" is logical.  But then on the contrary, there are no two moments in time that completely and totally mirror each other. And I know there's some science out there that will back me up on that - I just couldn't tell you what it is exactly...

So in that moment I felt it, and I stopped for a second, trying to catch the sensation, to see what I was missing - why just then? Why not 2 seconds before? Or 2 seconds after? Or right now for that matter? And then, just as quickly as it came, it left. I tried to recapture it; replay it in my head; catch what processes were more or less active in my head...because I'm thinking that if I can capture that moment, why can't I capture them all? And better still - I can learn to capture them before they occur, and wouldn't that just be fun! Hey...we all have our pipe dreams, right?

At any rate, I mentioned it to my boss, the deja vu, and he says he heard there is no such thing - those moments are instead us touching the plane of a parallel universe (which really is a fun avenue of thought to explore, if you think about it). I concurred that was possible....or, I said, it was me knowing the future, but I wasn't aware that I knew it until it actually occurred. He stopped and said, "Wait a minute. That sounds interesting...say it again. I didn't quite catch it." (I'll admit I might have hammed up my use of useless words when I said it, haha). So I did, and he was going to think on it, just as I was going to think on his.

Because really, who knows what it is - why it's there - how to control it - if it has a purpose, like showing us there is more out there than what we see. The only thing I am sure of is there is a reason. It may not matter at the end of the day, but there is a reason.

I just try to glean anything I can (which isn't much) each time it happens (which is surprisingly often) then wander around in the unknown, as I add one more scrap of evidence to my pile. I may find an answer, I may not - either way, I'll enjoy the ride while I'm trying...


  1. I love that feeling but it is kind of un-nerving at the same time. Like you, I have tried to stand very still and see if I can sort of "go there" to the other time and place. Not sure I like the other universe, though I have heard of that theory. Not sure why we would have need a parallel universe. Maybe one would be the other person that is buried inside us. You know, like the good and bad we are all suppposed to carry. Much to consider if you are not afraid of where you mind will go if let free to wander.

  2. How is it you can spend almost a whole day with multiple "I've been here before" moments? I try to change something but it's to late, the moment is over. But to mess with these moments, would it cause some disruption in the flow of fate or life's path?
    How do we know end up familiar with this incident that just happened?

  3. And messing with the flow of life's path is the reason I've always been hesitant to attempt to see what the future holds. If you can control it, you generally will, and sometimes it is our control that hinders us.