Friday, September 23, 2011

Dream Weaver

My dreams are thick. They lay heavy on me after I’m awake, even if I don’t remember them. Some are very ordinary, some are convoluted, and some are quite ethereal. And some of these dreams can be interpreted as nightmares – if seen under the right microscope.

Maybe some dreams shouldn’t be written down – because they were meant to go away – be forgotten. So many times I awake with some strange happening fresh in my mind and it’s so vivid and so real that I just know it’s something I won’t forget. But usually, within minutes, if not seconds, I lose them to the vast chasm that is in my head. Occasionally I’ll keep one; it’ll stay fresh throughout the day, maybe a week, every so often for years. And maybe those are the only ones we should remember – the ones our mind keeps instinctively…naturally.

My dreams often wake me up at night – something I trained myself to do many years ago – and just as often I get up and write them down. And to be honest, quite often if I don’t go back and read what I wrote, thus remembering how I felt the moment I wrote it (for the written word in my world evokes feeling more than anything), I wouldn’t remember them at all.

So one must wonder why our minds keep some but lose others. Could the ones we lose be little thoughts, scenarios so to speak, that our mind merely plays with to entertain itself in the realms of a time and place that is in the world of impossible? Maybe those are ones we shouldn’t remember, for they are the ideas and notions we will never see (feel, taste, touch, whatever the sense) - and it is one thing to think of something you’ve never felt and know you never will, quite another to know those feelings and miss them.

So which ones should you analyze (assuming any should be analyzed at all) – the ones that remain on the surface or the ones that never leave the depths, unless by accident. Is it the surface ones that tell us secrets or signs about our life? Or is it the ones deep from our subconscious, so deep it is not somewhere any of us ever consciously touch, that we should peer into and find answers?

How hard would it be on your mind and soul to touch that which was never meant to be touched?
I wonder if that is why some people go crazy…for some things just aren’t meant to be known.

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