Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Me Tales

I wonder who I would be if I could see me through your eyes. Who is the me you see? Do you see me as sweet with a touch of mean, or quite the opposite? Do you see me smart or dumb, shallow or deep; or maybe seductive or loyal or noncommital? Do you totally adore me or simply tolerate me? Am I the love of your life or your worst enemy?

There are so many me’s out there. I am different to each of you. Some of the time that happens naturally, sometimes intentionally. And the collision of all these me’s – that is the me that I see.

What if it isn’t you that tells your tale? What if that story – the story that is you – is something that is created and coerced by the hands of another? Could the power of persuasion really affect your story so much that it reads in a manner you never intended? How often do we share experiences with others, and their perception of the event is slightly (and sometimes dramatically) skewed from your own perception? So one might wonder at this point where truth lies in the copious details of our life. Who you are to me is probably quite different than who you are to anyone else.

Suppose for a second I could spin you a tale – a tale about you – that fits in quite nicely with how you perceive yourself. And suppose too that I used nothing more than logical fallacy to create this tale. Would you then become a slightly different person from who you were just moments before, for taking in this new information and molding it into the crevices of your mind creates a new version of you?

You don't have to buy into it, just think about it. Your story, the one you've created about yourself, isn't quite complete. Until it encapsulates the you that exist from every angle, it will never be more than a half-told tale. And those other angles, for all intents and purposes, exist in the minds of others.

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